Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Kyle David Bellini - The 2016 Real Estate Trends & Strategies Conference

A vital part of any professional’s life is attending conferences and seminars. Kyle David Bellini is a master’s degree student at the University of Florida. He is a part of the Master of Science in Real Estate program. In February of 2016, he attended the Real Estate Trends & Strategies Conference with his fellow classmates. This conference offers real estate students an opportunity to learn and network within their field.

Students as well as working professionals attend conferences and seminars in order to listen to presentations and meet other professionals in their field. This is an important process that helps professionals and students grow and develop their careers. The Real Estate Trends & Strategies Conference is an annual conference for real estate professionals. In 2016, it was held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

Some of the presentations included “Global Capital Market Overview” and “Impact of Big Data of the Built Environment.” There were also panels on the Florida real estate investment market and commercial real estate. There were discussions on the comparison of public and private real estate companies as well.

This conference offered its attendees a wide array of presentations as well as organized networking opportunities. This conference was a great event for real estate students as well as professionals who already work in the real estate industry. Kyle David Bellini attended this conference with his master’s degree program. He was able to learn about different topics in real estate, and he was able to network with other professionals.