Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Kyle David Bellini - How to Succeed in Grad School

Kyle David Bellini graduated from the Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida and joined the University of Florida to study finance. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and enrolled in the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program at the same university. Grad school is a unique experience that requires you to sharpen your skills and learn new ones as well. It is unlike college, and is more or like a full-time job, where you have to give it all you got. Kyle David Bellini will graduate from his master’s program in 2016, and offers these few tips to grad students.

 Know Your Work
Grad school requires a tremendous amount of work, and in order to keep up with its demands, you will have to know your work. Knowing your work is the key to succeeding in grad school.

Smart Reading
In grad school, you will need to read a lot of study material. Instead of reading from beginning to end, you will need to look at a couple of things such as the organization of the piece, chapter headings, bullet points, and read it with a purpose. While reading the material, you will need to determine if the article supports your argument or not.

Focus on Learning Instead of on Grades
In grad school, it is more important to focus on learning that on grades. In grad school, it is not about acing your tests, but more about retaining the information you have learned. Grad school programs are designed to train you to become a professional, and to understand people and how you can work together with them.

Kyle David Bellini is looking forward to starting a career in the real estate industry after he graduates from the University of Florida.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kyle David Bellini - Punting Techniques for the Serious Punter

Kyle David Bellini played football and soccer for four years while attending the Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. Punting is a very important element of the game and helps keep the opponent away from your end zone, provided you kick the ball correctly. Punting can seem easy, but can go awfully wrong if the ball is not kicked properly, and can quickly turn the game against your team. Kyle David Bellini shares a couple of important punting tips.

Kyle David Bellini Check Your Conditions

One of the most important things you want to check are the conditions before you start the game. Weather, turf type, distance, etc., can play an important role in how well you execute your punt. Here are some specifics you will need to look out for.

Wind and Weather – Weather conditions can become your worst enemy during a game. There are several factors to consider in punting such as a snap, catch, placement, steps, drop, contact, and finally the follow-through. Getting the ball off in under two seconds with every one of these factors in place is a huge responsibility. You will need to consider wind conditions and adjust your kicking technique accordingly before you kick the ball. In most cases, you will have to make the decision right there on the spot what technique to use based on the external factors in play.


Again, you will have to take into consideration the condition of the grass or turf before taking a kick at the ball. If it looks like you can slip on the turf, you might want to use a football cleat for better traction. It might be awkward in the beginning, but you will get used to it.

Kyle David Bellini used to be the punter for his school football team.

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