Friday, 12 February 2016

Kyle David Bellini - A Fulfilling Course and Trip

Kyle David Bellini is a student of the University of Florida who is currently seeking his Master’s degree in Real Estate. In August of 2015, he and some of his fellow classmates enrolled in the International Real Estate Study Tour & Course, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Kyle David Bellini
The trip was a fulfilling one for Bellini, who was able to study a real estate market in a different country and gain an outside perspective on the factors that influence international markets. The University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business official website breaks down the objectives of the course as so: “In August of 2015, MSRE students and faculty visited Buenos Aires, Argentina for seven days. The course contains three major components: (1) pre-trip meetings, quizzes, and presentations; (2) meetings, company visits, and property visits in Argentina, and (3) post-trip student presentations on a proposed investment opportunity. While in Argentina, the students learned how governmental influences, legal influences, market forces and capital requirements affect market values and commercial real estate investment decision making.”

As Kyle David Bellini gets closer towards attaining his degree, he has been able to benefit the invaluable lesson he received from taking this course. It has helped him understand the catalysts of market fluctuations and the measures that key players take in order to maintain stability of their assets. He believes this knowledge will be crucial when he enters the professional realm. And on top of it all, he got to explore a different country, meet people of a different culture and immerse himself in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires.